Please visit to purchase directly from our preferred provider OfficeMax – we use OfficeMax as they contribute back to our school. You are of course welcome to purchase your stationery from any location convenient for you. Please reuse any stationery, unused books, book bag, folders, etc from this year – only purchase from the list what you have not got – all student stationery must be at school by Monday 3rd February 2020. You can view stationery lists as attached below. Information for start of 2020 School starts on Monday 3rd February 2020 (the school office will be open on Friday 31st January from 9am-3pm).  Please note, the school does not sell stationery.

Bus registers will roll from 2019 into 2020 however please remember to advise the school of any bus details changes for the 1st week of school.  Bus students are to meet in the shade area at the end of the school day.  Please also advise the school with your new address if you have moved or any new or changes to contact phone numbers so we can keep our information up to date. If you are picking your child up, please collect them by the red line by the school hall gate area.

Term 1 is a sun hat term – please ensure your child brings their school uniform hat to school each day – this is the yellow bucket hat (we also suggest bringing togs, towel and a plastic bag every day, for any class time swims). 

Please also remember to advise the school of your child’s absence if they are away from school – you can complete the absence form on our website, or email the office, or leave us a phone message.  School operates from 8.55am (with the 1st bell to go to class at 8.50am), until 2.55pm.  If you do drop your child in late, or need to pick them up early, please ensure you complete the ‘late arrival/early pick up’ book at the office.

Mathletics is compulsory for all students in LZ1, LZ2 and LZ3 – this is $20 for the year.  This will go on your school invoice but payment is required promptly, preferably before the end of February to action this great service. See the 2020 stationery list for each LZ (learning zone).  To order online, go directly to  – OfficeMax are our preferred stationery supplier as they also support our school, but you are welcome to order your stationery from any place convenient for you.  Please feel free to use up last year’s stationery for the same item/s needed in 2020 – thank you.  We do not sell stationery at school. Please remember to look at our school website regularly for school information, including newsletters, staff email addresses, school calendar, etc.  Thank you!


Dairy Flat School-LZ1 -Stationery 2020.pdf

Dairy Flat School-LZ2-Stationery 2020.pdf

Dairy Flat School-LZ3-Stationery 2020.pdf

Dairy Flat School-LZ4-Stationery 2020.pdf