Welcome back to school

Kia ora koutou

As the weekend approaches we are looking forward to level 2 on Monday. We can’t wait to get back to school and look forward to seeing all our school community. We are keen to welcome all our students back to school. 
The toilet block near the playground is in the midst of an upgrade and will be closed for the next few weeks. Students will be able to access the hall toilets until we re-open the toilet block. 
I would like to remind you that a number of calendar dates have changed. These include the production and athletics day. Cross country will be run as a colour run at school this term. The date is yet to be confirmed. 
We are very aware that this lockdown has proved to be more problematic for a number of our families. Please let us know if your child has developed anxiety or if there is anything you think it would be helpful for us to know. Children are reacting to the changes in their world and some of those changes are causing an increased fearfulness and anxiety. The wearing of masks is quite challenging for some and the increasing uncertainty of when their world will be back to normal is understandably, having an impact on their confidence, their resilience and their sense of safety. 
We are very aware of these influences at school and have been looking at ideas, concepts and programmes that may help. The Zones of Regulaton programme, which teaches children to recognise their own and others emotions, their individual triggers and tools to help calm themselves is an important part of our response to uncertainty, anxiety and fear. 
School at Alert level 2 is a bit different from usual and these expectations and guidelines are attached. Children will need a drink bottle as our fountains are closed. They also need to sanitise or wash their hands regularly. The biggest difference is that parents are not allowed onsite. Unlike other schools, we do allow parents of students just starting school to walk their child to the classroom. If your chhild is suffering from heightened anxiety, please let us know so that we can make a plan. 
Many thanks
Enjoy the weekend in your bubble!
Keep smiling
We are nearly there!