Rumours, Lies and Scaremongering and rising above it!

Hi everyone

I hope you are taking this opportunity to enjoy time with your family and staying in contact with friends and family not in your bubble. We are all a bit frustrated and keen to get back to our lives. When stress is building, try to take time out to breathe and refocus on the good things. Take a walk in the rain, run, bounce with the children on the tramp, unearth those exercise clips, bake, sew, build – do what brings you peace. If you need help you can contact the Ministry of Health, your local medical centre and us here at school. If we can’t help directly, we can put you in touch with someone who can. 

New Zealand is still in a very good place compared to the rest of the world! We are lucky to be in this great country. This brings me to the title of this post. There is a growing number of conspiracy theories out in social media, ranging from the frankly ridiculous to downright scary, some are very racist and others spread fear. “One particular rumour from May has re-surfaced stating that children will be taken away from families if they or their family test positive for COVID-19. As noted by the Minister of Education and of Health yesterday, Oranga Tamariki will not be taking away children of those people who are tested positive for COVID-19.
If a child or their parent or caregiver gets COVID-19 and needs to go into quarantine, it is a priority that the child remains safely in the care of their parent or caregiver. Rumours such as these damage our response to COVID-19 as people become fearful of getting tested. As always, seeking medical advice and getting tested when recommended to do so remain fundamental to keeping communities as safe as possible” (MOE Bulletin).

We, like all of you, are hoping to see you all later this week, pending on the announcement later today. 

Keep smiling! See you all soon!

Debbie Marshall