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Term 3 – Week 2 – 30th July 2020

Term Dates 2020
Term 1 Mon 3rd Feb – Thurs 9th April
Term 2 Tues 28th April – Fri 3rd July
Term 3 Mon 20th July – Fri 25th Sept
Term 4 Mon 12th Oct – Fri 11th Dec – TBC

Important Dates
31 – Assembly – LZ1 sharing – 9.00am
31 – Talent Quest Auditions 1.00pm – 2.00pm

3 & 4 –  Talent Quest Auditions 1.00pm – 2.00pm
7  – Teacher Only Day – School closed (Please note this is an amendment date)
13 – Year 5/6 Hockey Cluster tournament – 9:00am – 2:30pm

14 –
Cross Country event at Shakespear park – 9:00am – 1:30pm
17 – RAIN save day – Cross Country event at Shakespear park – 9:00am – 2:30pm
21 – Assembly – LZ2 sharing – 9.00am
27 – Yr 5/6 Cross Country Cluster event – Shakespear park  – 9:00am – 1:30pm
28 –
Mufti Day – School Environment, dress in GREEN. Gold coin donation

4 – Assembly – LZ4 sharing – 9.00am
11 – Whole School Assembly – Music – 1.30pm
23 – Production –  Matinee & Evening Performance
24 – Production – Evening Performance
25 – Term 3 ends

12 – Term 4 starts
12 – Whole School – End of Term 3 Assembly – 9.00am
17 – Ag Day – 8.00-2.00pm
22 – Individual Photolife Photos starts at 8.00am for families with pre-schoolers
23 – Teacher Only Day – School closed
29 – 9.30am – Year 5/6 Cricket cluster tournament – Metro Park

2 – Kids for Kids Rehearsal and Concert
13 – 9.30am start – Athletics day – Whole school
14 – 1.00pm – Compost Collective – composting course
23 – 6.30pm – Year 6 Puberty Parent Meeting
24 – 9.00am – Year 5/6 Cluster Athletics tournament
26 – Year 5/6 RAIN save day Athletics Cluster tournament
30 – Start of Skillz for life swimming runs until 3rd December

7th August Teacher Only Day
School closed

(Please note this is an amendment date)

Tuesday August 18, 2020 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  School Hall
Information Evening for all Learning Zones regarding our school’s policy on behaviour


Willow Crossan for working hard with an excellent atittude and achieving higher levels on the STEPS program
Murdo McLeod for being a supportive and responsible buddy to a new student
Lochlan Rowley for focus and helpfulness in the classroom
Natalie Date for consistent effort in cross country training
Ruby Hollis for application in constructing your Manu tukutuku

Alyssa Mackie – Responsible
Isabella Milton – Resilience 
Elizabeth Pivac – Resilience 

Tyler Boyce – Welcome to Dairy Flat School. It has been great having you here
Sam Esterhuyse – Welcome to Dairy Flat School. You have been a delight to have in our space
Robert Mackie for being super responsible with your work and taking resposiblity for your learning when there was a reliver in our space

Bella Ivatt – Resilience
Tyler Coburn – Responsible
Eliot Eves – Respect

Zaavier Moore for your focus and positive attitude towards learning
Mia Rootman for excellent progress in Literacy
Devon Markotter for working on being more focussed during mat time

Daniel de Wet – Respect
Charlie Kirchoff – Responsible
Elea Lucas – Responsible

Ayvah Taufa-Pickens for outstanding effort with her reading, keep it up
Theo Charlton for always being helpful to others
Opal Johnston for trying very hard all week with all of her work
Erica Murphy for supporting the new students in our classroom

Henry Marshall – Responsible
Aroha Lockhart – Responsible

Ethel Baldwin – Responsible
Chloe Evans – Responsible


Scholastic – Lucky Book Club – Issue 5
Please have all orders (cash or cheque) to the office or entered online by Tuesday 4 August at 9 am.  Any cheques need to be made out to Scholastic New Zealand.  Thank you for your support as this enables additional purchases of books for the school library


After the increased digital use this year we decided it would be a good time to explain the responsibilities of safe social media use. 

At school students have no access to Tik Tok, Instagram, ( these programmes require users to be over 13 years old) or gaming sites such as Fortnite. Students found trying to access to inappropriate sites or acting inappropriately online at school will have their accounts blocked. 

It is important that our students understand responsible behaviour online and families are also aware so that they can support students. It is illegal for anyone to harass, be intimidating, threatening or make false allegations or intend harm to an individual using social media. 

Bullying is an increasing issue using the platform of social media and schools and children can become targets. It is of course, preferable that students don’t have access to these platforms but I would be neglectful to not acknowledge that many of our students and their siblings  are using these platforms. I would like to encourage parents to help their children understand the Harmful Digital Communications Act and how it may affect them. It is also useful for us adults to be reminded as it is so much part of our lives now. 

Below is a part of the act for discussion. 

The Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) was passed in 2015 to help people dealing with serious or repeated harmful digital communications. It lays out 10 communication principles that guide how to communicate online.

What type of communication does the Act cover?

It covers any harmful digital communications (like text, emails or social media content) which can include racist, sexist and religiously intolerant comments – plus those about disabilities or sexual orientation.

What are the 10 communication principles?

A digital communication should not:

  1. disclose sensitive personal facts about an individual
  2. be threatening, intimidating, or menacing
  3. be grossly offensive to a reasonable person in the position of the affected individual
  4. be indecent or obscene
  5. be used to harass an individual
  6. make a false allegation
  7. contain a matter that is published in breach of confidence
  8. incite or encourage anyone to send a message to an individual for the purpose of causing harm to the individual
  9. incite or encourage an individual to commit suicide
  10. denigrate an individual by reason of colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability

Many thanks for your support

Debbie Marshall

Trees for Survival 2020 – LZ1

Some pictures of LZ1PJ

Ag Day
Ag day on the 17th October
Yah! We are going ahead with Ag day on the 17th October.
In the Ag day folder (on the table, in the office foyer) and on the DF school website is all the information sheets for animals and exhibits.
Calves are back this year and there is new criteria on the judging sheets that you need to be aware of.
If entering a lamb, goat or calf they are eligible to be entered in Ag day if born from the 1st July
Mystery seeds
available from Room 1 before 9 and after 3pm every day
$2 for a packet of seeds & a small pot to start growing your plants in
Please see attachment below – Information sheet of choices avail;able

Open attachment, select more options, select Word (desktop)


Ag Day Grocery Collection: It’s Week 2 Summer Sizzle. Everything for a family BBQ – Chips, Nuts, Snacks, Sauce, Kebab Sticks, Seasoning, Rubs – BBQ tools too (if they are new).  If you missed Week 1 Cans & Jars – please feel free to contribute these too! Groceries and related items are used for our raffles and silent auction gift baskets – both of which are big fundraisers. Please leave in the donation box in your child’s classroom.

Silent auction donations: The silent auction is a big fundraiser at Ag Day – last year the silent auction raised almost $9,000. If you work in or know a business that can contribute goods or services (vouchers) for the silent auction please reach out to Paula in the office ([email protected]).

Second hand school uniforms: In August the PTA plan to run an after school pop-up stall selling a variety treats and second hand uniforms. If you have uniform items to donate you can drop them off in the school office.

Please see link below showing the Ag Day Poster & the items required each week though out this term


Orewa College Enrolment

Applications are submitted online for our 2021 enrolments.

Please visit our website under Information/Enrol

Out of zone applications will be entered in a ballot which will be completed in September 2020.

Students enrolling at other year levels are invited to book a school  tour, the link to book is on our website.

Information Evening – Thursday 27 August, 7.00-8.30 pm in the Orewa College Arts and Event Centre. 

Email: [email protected]

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