Thank you

We have had a great first week back. Students and teachers have been pleased to settle back into a normal routine, see all their friends and colleagues and enjoy working together.  We thank parents for your continuing support for our processes and procedures. The drop off and pick up procedures will continue until the Ministry of Education advises that this can change.

The Ministry of Education has asked that we inform our communities that they are collecting attendance data each week. We are keen to see all of our students back. With the continuing low level of cases and zero new cases this week, we can be confident that our schools are safe. 

I would like to allay fears that have been featuring on facebook lately. The police would NOT be called to school to take a child to be tested for COVID-19. If your child is ill, you need to keep them home. If they have symptoms of a respitory illness you should seek medical advice. This advice may be to have a test. However, though I can require you to keep your child at home if they display these symptoms, I would always, without exception, contact parents and caregivers. I would not contact police and would not compel a child to take a test. The Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education do not support such action. I hope that puts your mind at rest if you were concerned. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back next week. Have a great weekend!

Debbie Marshall