Ready For Monday -A Few Reminders

Hi Everybody

We are excited to welcome everyone back on Monday.

There are some unfamiliar processes that have to be put in place for Alert Level 2. The first process is that for the health and safety of our community we will only be allowing official visitors and staff onsite. Parents will need to drop off and pick up their children at the gate. Parents cannot come onsite unless they are enrolling a student or are the parent of a new student or a student that started school this year. Please do not get offended if you are denied entry. Please talk to your children, explain that the rules are to help keep us all safe. Students will be in their same classroom, with the same teachers and students as before the lockdown. 

If students are able, it would be very helpful to bring their own device to school for their use. All ipads and chrome books that were given out must be returned on Monday. They will be cleaned and returned to classrooms as soon as possible. 

Please inform the office if your child will not be at school. Ensure that our contact information for your child is correct. Email any changes to the office. We are required to keep records for the bus so it is important for us to have accurate information. Please contact the school before 2pm with any changes. 

Before and After School care will resume on Monday. Parents will be asked to call or txt a number that will be provided so that a staff member can collect their child. The same process will be used for picking up your child. 

We are all ready to welcome everyone back. 

See you all on Monday.