School Opening – Monday 18th May

As announced By the Prime Minister, all schools will be open on Monday 18th May. Students who are currently attending at Alert Level 3 may still attend on Thursday and Friday. All other students may start on Monday. 

We are excited to welcome all our staff and students back to school. There is a lot of organisation required to ensure the school can open safely on Monday. The Health and Safety of our staff and students is the main focus. We will try to deliver our all our programmes, however there will be some different procedures in place. 

The first and most important requirement is that every person onsite must be well. We ask that you provide us with two up to date contact numbers, at least one of which is for someone who is able to immediately collect a child if they are or become unwell. Staff will check staff, students, parents and visitors to ensure that they are well if they are onsite.  If a sick child comes to school, they will be sent home.   Parents are asked to keep any sick children at home. 

  • Symptoms that will prevent entry to a site – respiratory symptoms such as; 
    • Head cold
    • Blocked ears
    • Sneezing
    • Sore throat
    • Cough
    • Fever
  • Anyone with those symptoms should stay home and contact Healthline for advice, which may include getting tested for COVID-19 as a precaution. Alert the principal

These rules align with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health guidelines. 

I have attached our plan with our procedures for Alert Level 2 so that you can be fully informed. The government has assured us all that it is safe to come to school and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again. 

PLAY IT SAFE – Parent safety plan.

Not long to go now! 

Debbie Marshall